Lamcon has trained hundreds of thousands of executives, business owners, professionals and others from thousands of organisations across 5 continents. And here’s what a few of them say about us.

Mr Amit Kalyani

Deputy Managing Director at Bharat Forge Ltd

I would like to express my thanks to Anil for introducing me to the principles of finance at the young age of 18. This was right before I went to college abroad, I decided that since I hadn’t ever taken finance classes in school and was about to pursue engineering in college, I wanted to get a sound understanding of finance. 

His passionate and practical way of explaining finance has stood me in good stead and allowed me to understand complex balance sheets in a very simple manner. 

I consider him to be a great teacher and it does not matter if you are a novice, intermediate or someone with an advanced understanding of finance, you will definitely benefit from his in person or online teaching. I wish him all the best in his endeavours. 

Dr. Anil Lamba is a seasoned professional with immense knowledge and understanding of financial management. 

He has been closely working with Motherson Group and has been instrumental in imparting financial knowledge and acumen to the finance and non-finance employees of our group.

I wish him all the success and looking forward for his continued association with our Group.

Mr Vivek Chaand Sehgal

Chairman and co-founder of Samvardhana Motherson Group

Dr Pramod Chaudhari

Executive Chairman at Praj Industries Ltd

Congratulations Dr Anil Lamba and the team at Lamcon Finance & Management Services for helping organisations develop better financial competencies. I have seen Lamcon grow over the years to become one of India’s leading training firms that impart financial education to corporates. For more than two decades now, their courses have helped non-finance personnel build capabilities in understanding balance sheets and managing finance, company law, taxation and related areas. 

Since the mid 90s, Praj’s employees have periodically benefitted from Lamcon’s carefully curated content and delivery of world-class financial education. I am happy to note that these skills, as an integral part of learning and development, have helped our workforce understand financials better.

I wish Lamcon the best of luck as they utilise their expertise to help organisations meet their strategic growth goals.

I vividly remember my first class with Anil about twenty years back and I have been a fan ever since. His classes are amazing and he is able to clearly explain how to read and understand financial statements in simple terms. His style is engaging and that helps those who have no background in finance to understand and retain complex concepts.  

Over the years he has sharpened the content and written several books.  

I continue to observe his progress as he has conducted courses at Persistent Systems over the years and everyone who attends them is simply mesmerized. In our business it is important for engineers to understand financial aspects of the project and I can observe a difference in projects where he has trained the project managers.   

For Anil, financial education is not just a profession but a mission. This was evident when he worked with us at deAsra Foundation, our non-profit mission to help individuals become self-employed. His training can make a huge difference to entrepreneurs in helping them manage their money effectively. 

I own all the books he has written and I love them. I have distributed numerous copies to my friends and colleagues.

Dr Anand Deshpande

Founder and Chairman of Persistent Systems

Ms Deepika Jindal

Creative Director & MD at JSL Lifestyle Ltd

I was very scared of the word “Finance” and my brain would go into a shutdown mode. Thanks to Dr. Anil Lamba’s courses which are excellent and a must-do for everyone, I have learnt a lot and his method of teaching is great fun along with the needful learning.

Thank you Anilji for sharing your knowledge.

Anil Lamba is among the topmost trainers in finance management today.

When a corporation wants to become financially intelligent, the first name that comes to mind is of Dr. Anil Lamba.

I got an opportunity to attend Anil’s session when we had invited him to train our employees in ETH Research Lab and Multiversity.

I found him to be an amazing trainer, who could articulate the most complex of concepts in the simplest of ways. His talk at the same time holds appeal to the senior-most person in the room and also to the one who is the most junior. 

I wish him the best in his project ‘Financial Literacy for All’ where his cherished mission is to train one billion Indians free of cost.

Dr Vijay Bhatkar

Chancellor of Nalanda University & Chairman of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan

Dr Parag Sancheti

Professor & Chairman, Sancheti Institute For Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation

I have known Dr Anil Lamba for more than 15 years. However, I became his fan after attending his Course ‘Finance for Non-Finance People’ in April 2011. It has been said that Doctors cannot be good at finance.  But this course has revolutionised the way I thought about finance and proved this statement to be wrong.

My father always tried to impress on me that finance management is important but it was not until I attended Anil Lamba’s course that I realised how true his words were. This finance course left me with lessons which I still find useful. 

Anil Lamba’s programs are amazing and his ability to clearly explain finance terms and concepts with easy to understand appropriate examples makes them unique. His talks are simplified and so practical, that even though I was a doctor, I understood them well. All his talks were outstanding and had a great take-home value. 

Dr Lamba has a unique style of delivering his talks. He is confident, clear and the content is easy to grasp. This surely qualifies him to be amongst the top trainers in finance management globally. 

Anyone who does Anil Lamba’s financial course can only stand to benefit from them and I strongly recommend this course to anyone who would like to understand good financial management and make their organisations profitable.

Anil Lamba has a passion for developing financial smarts in every person in their work and personal lives.

I recently heard him speak at Harbinger Group to an auditorium full of hundreds of techies. It was refreshing to see the ease with which he could motivate the need for financial literacy and the lucidity with which he could explain complex ideas. This unique combination of passion for finance, ability to inspire, and effortless teaching shines through his bestselling books.

When you are listening to Anil Lamba, you know he is on your side – and pushing you to look at your world through the lens of strategic finance.

Dr Vikas Joshi

Founder & CEO of Harbinger Group

Mr D K Sen

Director & Senior Executive Vice President at Larsen & Toubro Limited

Financial acumen is more vital today than ever before. For a conglomerate like L&T, working capital efficiency and project finance management is crucial.

L&T and Dr. Anil have worked closely for over a decade through several learning programs that have nurtured financial literacy in the organization and created far reaching impact. Dr. Anil’s books on ‘Romancing the Balance Sheet’ and ‘Flirting with Stocks’ as well as many of his recorded videos are unique and par excellence.

Dr. Anil is a stalwart and one of country’s finest financial experts. We cherish the association and look forward to many more learnings and fruitful collaboration.

I was an engineering student with very little knowledge of finance; however when I attended Anil Lamba’s classes, I began to understand and enjoy Finance.

Anil made the subject very simple and extremely interesting. Many of our senior level engineers have benefited from his classes. A big thank you to Anil.

Ms Meher Pudumjee

Chairperson, Thermax Limited

Mr Rahul Rathi

Founder & Chairman of Purnartha Investment Advisers Pvt Ltd

I attended Anil Lamba sir’s class in 1993. Sir focussed on building skills to read financial statements.

His teaching style encouraged developing a thought process to analyse financial numbers. I have benefited from his class and highly recommend his class as a must-do for everyone. 

Most business leaders complete a degree like an MBA which gives them a good grounding in strategic finance. Having a business degree myself, I approached Anil’s course as a refresher of sorts. But what I learned was so much more than I ever had been exposed to before. In particular, I learned how to think about money, cash management decisions, application of funds and business growth through thinking like a finance professional.

In yoga, there is a saying “the pose starts where you want to leave it”. Much the same with Anil’s course, the learning starts at the edges of your present knowledge of finance management.

Mr Ravin Mirchandani

Chairman of ADOR Powertron Ltd

Mr Shrikant Marathe

Director of Automotive Research Association of India (2005-2014) and Independent Director on the Board of two M&M group companies

Finance for any organisation is like Oxygen for the human body. Without proper Finance Management, the organisation will not function effectively and, over a period, will perish.

Dr. Anil Lamba and his company Lamcon have been doing a great contribution in financial literacy and thereby creating Financially Intelligent Organizations in the Society for over 30 years. I was fortunate to attend his 9-week course in finance management which opened my eyes to many aspects of the subject and how it can impact the performance of any organisation. 

I personally believe in his goal to educate the workforce in any organisation in financial matters which alone will decide whether they contribute to generate wealth or become a burden on the organisation. 

With this conviction, I requested him to sensitise all my senior staff in my Institute where I was CEO, which started showing results in improvements in their performance. 

I wish him all the success in his endeavour to create Financial Intelligent Organizations.

It’s not so difficult to teach a complex subject to pupils from that domain. What stands out is to teach to a student from altogether different field. That’s what Dr Anil Lamba does so well. He makes it seem so simple! This, in my opinion, requires two things. One, clarity of thought and the other, clarity of speech. Dr Lamba has both in abundance.

I attended a course more than two decades ago. His concept of 4 quadrant Balance Sheet is still stuck in my mind. Each time I need to study a Balance Sheet, his method flashes in my mind and makes it so easy.

I highly recommend his courses to all those who are not from the Finance domain, particularly the entrepreneurs.

Mr Satish Sekhri

Managing Director at Bosch Chassis Systems India Ltd (1995-2010). Currently on the board of several auto components manufacturing companies

Ms Ankita Chugh

Director of Foodlink Services India Pvt Ltd

We grew up reading about literacy rate and importance of education but what our curriculum failed to teach us is the importance of good financial management. This realisation came to me later in life after being stuck at balance sheets and statements which obstructed my critical business decision making process.  A few years later, I came across Mr Lamba who made me realise the freedom and confidence that financial literacy gives you irrespective of your age, gender or profession. His method of teaching is easy, interactive and impeccable and I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and would continue learning as his style has made my urge stronger to deep dive into the subject.

It’s vital for everyone to enjoy this freedom and I really thank Team Lamcon and Mr Anil Lamba for enriching the lives of many people across the world by spreading this knowledge.

I wish Team Lamcon the best in their endeavour of spreading financial literacy.

Anil Lamba is easily among the top trainers in finance management globally.

He not only helped transform my marketing and sales teams in Bennett Coleman and Zee Entertainment, but has also benefitted me personally. 

With a background in marketing and branding, to progress seamlessly into General Management, I needed to hone my skills in finance and money management.  Dr Anil Lamba was my go-to person for this. And I’m glad I did. Thanks Anil.

Pradeep Guha

President The Times Group (Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd.) and CEO Zee Entertainment

Mr Vivek Iyer

Senior Research Analyst at ET Now, Times Group

As a software engineer in the world of finance, the balance sheet was all Greek and Latin to me.

Despite many trainers and training sessions, the balance sheet shenanigans were quite tricky to decipher. Through sheer fortune, I came across Dr. Anil Lamba who excels at simplifying the most complex concepts into very simple and meaningful data points that can then be analysed. He gave us an informal training session at our office for my colleagues and myself that led to the quality of analysis improving tremendously across the board. The session was so useful that I immediately jumped at the next available opportunity to do the short 3-day course conducted. I am amazed by the clarity of thought provided in the sessions.

Thank you for everything and most importantly, your friendship means a lot!

Being a managing director of a company and at the same time balancing personal finance, it was an eye-opener to the world of balance sheets. 

As they say ‘ Better to spend time with a wise man, than to read a thousand books’. 

Dr Lamba is one of the rare individuals thanks to whom we have the access to both those potentially life-changing situations! 

Intellectually stimulating, deeply enriching, utterly fascinating sessions. 

Money well SPENT. Period. 

Saved and earned manifold in the duration of the course itself. 

In Gratitude 🙏

Dr Malhar Ganla

Managing Partner of Om Polyclinic and Managing Director of School Sports Program Pvt Ltd

Ms Kiran Bhat

Managing Director at Xebec Communications Pvt Ltd

I was privileged to be part of one of the earliest batches of finance for non-finance people. I had just started my business then and I have no shame in admitting I did not know how to read a balance sheet. We used to have our class at 7:30 am in Blue Diamond Pune. This itself was a test for people like me who are not early risers:) Being an industrial psychologist by qualification I had never studied finance per se and hence was not familiar with concepts like leverage and financial ratios. 

I learnt the fundamentals of finance from Dr Lamba and I am very grateful as it helped give me a solid foundation in understanding a key tenet of business. This also inculcated an understanding of how stock markets worked and helped me become a value investor. I would urge every person running a P&L whether an entrepreneur or a senior employee to enrol yourselves in the intense, immersive programme.

International Clients

Bobst have started cooperating with Lamcon since more than 10 years ago. Throughout the years we have always appreciated the ability of Anil to present a complex and challenging subject such as Finance in a clear and digestible way.

Recently we have been using the service of Lamcon to level the worldwide sales management organization on a high degree of understanding of finance and P&L management. Results have been remarkable.

Mr Emilio Corti

Head of Sales, BOBST, Switzerland

Dr Khalid M. Al Khalifa

Founder & Executive Chairman of University College of Bahrain

Dr Anil Lamba is a highly respected and globally renowned consultant and trainer in finance management.

We were fortunate to have him in Bahrain to train a diversified group including bankers, educationists and people from the ministries of road, water and agriculture.

All the participants benefited tremendously and were in awe of his deep knowledge and command over the subject of finance.

I wish Dr Lamba the best in his goal of spreading financial literacy across the world.

Greatly benefitted from Anil’s sessions for our multi-cultural Senior Management team(s) in the GCC – his subject mastery and superior presentation skills trigger an urge to delve deeper into financial and commercial aspects leading to the introspection of organizational strategy.

Illustrations provided during training ensure that concepts are ingrained into participants ensuring progressive learning. Anil facilitates honing one’s skills to build a competitive advantage for an enterprise kindling interest at the same time.

I laud Anil’s community initiative, ‘Financial literacy for all’ which is a boon to the common man and a wonderful way to give back to the society!

Mr Murali Krishnan

HR Director of Byrne Group, Dubai, UAE

Dr Khalid Maniar

Founder & Group Managing Partner of Crowe UAE

I have known and heard Anil, a seasoned knowledge/experience imparting machine.

His style intrinsically motivates participants and demonstrates the value of his wealth of experience. Create a rich and stimulating environment. Participants would feel more thirst for the knowledge.

Dr Anil Lamba’s Finance for Business Leaders, a Lamcon financial management course, significantly benefited our Senior Management Team. As a leading contracting company in Qatar, the majority of our top management is comprised of engineers. 

This course enabled the team to transform into efficient business managers who could contribute effectively due to the financial literacy attained through the training.

The successful results from the course led us to repeat the same with the Senior Team of Galfar Abu Dhabi, who also acknowledged that the programme aided them in efficient decision making while negotiating complex projects.

We highly recommend Lamcon’s training modules for all companies looking to transform their business processes, with leaders using better financial acumen.

We wish Dr. Anil Lamba and the Lamcon team all success in the years to come.

Mr Satish G Pillai

Executive Director of Galfar Al Misnad Engineering & Contracting WLL Doha, Qatar

Lamcon has a history of over 30 years imparting financial literacy among individuals and creating financially intelligent organisations™.

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A cost-effective method of imparting financial literacy across the organisation.


You organisation needs more than just a few financially intelligent individuals.

Obtain bulk copies for all or a large number of your employees.


A cost-effective method of imparting financial literacy across the organisation.


You organisation needs more than just a few financially intelligent individuals.

Obtain bulk licences for all or a large number of your employees.


A cost-effective method of imparting financial literacy across the organisation.


You organisation needs more than just a few financially intelligent individuals.

Obtain bulk licences for all or a large number of your employees.